The TAV story

 Welcome to the Pacific

The story of TAV belongs to Ellena Tavioni – a Cook Islander who grew up surrounded by the legends, mysticism and exotic flora and fauna that make the fabric of these Pacific Islands. A culture that captured her spirit as it has her family past and present – a dynasty of artists, carvers, sculptors, painters and poets who have influenced her life since childhood. Their spirit wove into her background the tapestry that became the basis of her fashion label TAV.

 TAV is unique. A cottage industry utilising Polynesian patterns – a blend of traditional motifs and modern elements related to the Pacific people – carved onto boards created by the Tavioni family artists.

Block printing, painting and dip dyeing are all hand done using various fabric paints and techniques on the natural fibres of cotton, silk and linen as well as mixes of Lycra and rayon for perfect drape and design.

This process means no 2 garments are the same, an artisanal piece inspired by our heritage. Created for you.