Celebrating 31 years of TAV - Welcome to the Pacific. 
TAV was established in 1987 by Ellena Tavioni. 
TAV garments are designed, hand block-printed and made in the Cook Islands.  The process of manufacturing a TAV garment is very hands-on.  Fabric is cut, washed, ironed, printed and heated.  The block-printing technique evolved from the Pacific traditional method of tapa printing.  Traditional motifs feature in most of the prints and some of them are common with other Pacific Islands, e.g. the triangle shark tooth and assorted mat weave patterns, etc.
The printing of a TAV garment is done with a 2.45 metre  by 1.2-metre carved board which makes the print unique in each garment as the pattern is only repeated every 2.45 metres. This method cannot be done with a machine.  After 31 years of experimenting, trial and error, TAV is now able to offer customers appealing, comfortable and easy-to-wear garments for all occasions.
Ladieswear up to plus sizes. Children's wear. Men's wear.
Welcome to the Pacific